Recruitment Guidelines

Bravery, Honor, Courage has a minimum age requirement of 18 years. However, from time to time, the CoS and the Drill Unit of BHC feels it may be warranted to allow those as young as 16 to have an opportunity to prove themselves. You MUST know up front that MUCH is required to prove your place if you are accepted as a 16 or 17 year old. The faint of heart and the less mature will not like this. However, it is our way of ensuring that BHC remains the finest clan in the land.

Waiver Information

  1. Our clan uses a 'tag' in front of your name to designate your clan and rank. You will be required to use these tags beginning with your acceptance into our clan.
  2. Understand that BHC has a large sum of members and communication is key to success. You will be required to change your Steam name, if not already somewhat similar to your current game name, to a name relatively close to your game name. (I.E. If your game name is Billybob and your current Steam is Rockstar444, then you'll be required to change your Steam "nickname" to an exact match of your gamename --- or, in this case, BillyBob).
  3. We follow a military style ranking structure that requires some players to be subordinate to others.
  4. One trait we Demand of our members is honor. This means no cheating and respecting your fellow team members at all times. If you have been found to have been dishonorable or cheating by our CoC/Leadership you could be kicked out of BHC.
  5. We also have a military style boot camp program that new recruits go through. This could include getting "hazed", yelled at, or otherwise humiliated. This only happens in Boot Camp.
  6. As a recruit, you'll be required to listen to the direction and suggestions of your Drill Unit at all times in order to help you "learn the ropes" of the clan.
  7. The rules for recruits are a little stricter than for full members of BHC. You will have to "prove yourself" as an adequate player and recruit in order to gain full membership.
  8. By returning this application form to BHC, you're accepting the terms, conditions and rules of BHC as required for membership. Failure to do so could mean you're removal from BHC.