Drill Unit

Welcome to Bravery Honor & Courage's Drill Unit Headquarters. BHC is a military styled and structured clan that prides itself on the use of tactics, teamwork and communication. Our members are held to the highest standards of moral, integrity and maturity. We consider the use of realistic tactics and movement paramount to simply getting the highest score. For us, making the game as realistic as a game can be and working together closely with other members is much more rewarding than being the "lone wolf" who snipes his way to the top of the scoreboard. We structure our clan within a military rank system that makes movement on the battlefield and general organization much more effective and efficient.

BHC has many events within the clan such as weapon certifications, tactical training, squad competitions, battlefield readiness tests and "Clan Warz" preparation drills. In addition, there are many opportunities for competition outside the clan as we are involved in multiple leagues, ladders and scrimmages and often "invade" other clan servers to compete on the fly. Much is expected of BHC members and much is accomplished with the discipline and maturity they exude. If having realistic tactical combat within a virtual battlefield is appealing, then Bravery Honor Courage is likely the clan for you.

See our Recruitment Application to apply for membership.


We here at BHC, would like to honor and remember the people whom fought during World War II and those that were greatly affected by the Holocaust. Even though we are only playing a game which is set in the same era and time as these events, it has revived our interest in these same events. It has inspired us to learn about these and teach our fellow group members about them in hopes that we all appreciate what we have now and that the lives that were lost were not lost in vain.