Welcome to Bravery, Honor, and Courage! We are an honorable group of dedicated online gamers that have come together to form a cohesive, military-style "clan" in the military game Call of Duty. We are bonded together by teamwork, friendship and honor. Tired of playing on open servers with complete strangers, we now play together against all that are willing to test their mettle against us on the field of battle. We accept challenges from likeminded organizations, but also have a focus inward by training and competing with each other. We pride ourselves on teamwork, tactics and sportsmanship. We do, however, strive for everyone to have fun. This is a game after all, and we all play it for enjoyment. If you consider yourself to be in possession of these attributes then we would be honored to share the field of battle with you, either as brother or an adversary.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Recruit Rules & Conduct
  3. Boot Camps
  4. Crime & Punishment
  5. Graduation & Membership
  6. Glossary of Terms

Section One: Getting Started

Bravery, Honor, Courage has a minimum age requirement of 18 years. However, from time to time, the CoS (see glossary) and the Drill Unit (see glossary) of BHC feels it may be warranted to allow those as young as 16 to have an opportunity to prove themselves. You MUST know up front that MUCH is required to prove your place if you are accepted as a 16 or 17 year old. The faint of heart and the less mature will not like this. However, it is our way of ensuring that BHC remains the finest clan in the land. What follows are the requirements for those that are accepted into the "Tryout" program. ALL those under the age of 18 will undergo this same program. No exceptions.

  1. When you receive your acceptance, you will wear "Tryout" tags for a period of NOT LESS THAN 30 DAYS. You will be required to be very active in our servers.
  2. When accepted you will be expected to join in the "life" of the clan. This means TS, servers, and forum activity. Failure to do so tells us much about your future.
  3. You will attend at least one Boot Camp during your 30-day tryout. NO credit will be given towards your minimum of three (3) required Boot Camps as a recruit.
  4. IF, at the end of the 30-days, you are deemed worthy of wearing the tags of BHC, you will then be granted that privilege and promoted to a Recruit. Then your life in BHC begins.

Does this seem a little unreasonable or unfair to you? If so, we would recommend you look elsewhere for a unit to join. We value the maturity level and the camaraderie of what we have and we WILL guard it fiercely. If you are still interested, get that application in pronto!

Step One: If you feel you belong in this clan and want to be a part of the military organization and teamwork-based atmosphere that we pride ourselves on, begin by sending in an application to If you feel the application is too much work, then you certainly do not belong here. It is not that complicated and we are not looking for an essay, just fill it out to the best of your ability (most are short sentence answers anyway). The Recruitment Department will review your application and get you a response as soon as possible.

Step Two: Register an X-Fire name that is an exact match with your BHC game name. For example, if you are Rec.Johnny, you need to register an X-Fire name of "Johnny". If you already have an X-Fire screen name such as "Johnny12312", then you can simply change your nickname to "Johnny" by going to your Tools -> Option -> General Tab and changing the nickname to your game name. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a requirement and will be enforced.

Step Three: Once you get an acceptance letter in your e-mail, register for the forums and check in on the appropriate thread in the Recruitment forum. You will shortly thereafter be receiving a PM on the forums from your Drill Corporal with some very specific instructions to get you started.����

Step Four: Change your name to Rec.Name. Be prepared to participate in Boot Camps, check the Recruitment forum, and read all material on our website regarding BHC often! You will be most expected to know ranks/positions (as well as the attaining members of some of those positions), the BHC rules, and the Recruit Manual. You will need to know prior to your first Boot camp who and what BHC is. You will also be given access to the RCT (for Recruits/Tryouts only) forum shortly after your acceptance into the recruit program. There are additional threads to check in on there. Do it! And check it often as well!

Section Two: Recruit Rules & Conduct

As a Recruit in BHC, you are considered a trial member and are required to pass a minimum of three "Boot Camps" before being awarded the rank of Private. Much is expected of recruits -- just as we expect much of our regular members. As a Recruit, you'll be expected to conduct yourself with honor and maturity. If you fail to do this, you may be denied membership into the clan. Be aware that there are high expectations of you.

How to address members of BHC

Addressing the Drill Unit: First off, it is important to note that ALL Officers in BHC are members of the Drill Unit. The Drill Unit also consists of several other Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) that will play a critical role in your development from maggot to member.�� Pay close attention to them!�� They ARE your lifeline.

Addressing BHC members outside the Drill Unit:

Other Rules to Remember

Follow orders at all times: Sergeants and up will issue orders, follow them! If he tells you to run around with aimlessly --- do it! If he tells you to cover him or change your weapon --- do it! The ranking Officer/NCO on the server reserves the right to give you two fair warnings (you shouldn't need any) before taking disciplinary actions. We are a clan based on a military command structure. If you do not like working together and following orders, this is not the clan for you.

Clan Membership Expectations:It is expected when you join the BHC Recruitment Program, you will not be involved in any other Clan organization that plays any of the games that BHC is involved in. This will be strictly enforced. If you are caught playing our "affiliated" games under different Clan Tags, you will be terminated from the program. This is part of the BHC Rules. Read them.

Respect all BHC members and outsiders: You will be required to respect your BHC brethren at all times. Disrespect will not be tolerated at any time. Whether it is on the servers, on the forums, or on X-Fire. In addition, when you have tags on, you are seen as a representative of BHC and are expected to uphold the ideals and honor of our clan. Therefore, if you are seen disrespecting any non-BHC personnel, you will likely be punished more severely. If you have a problem with someone, use the chain of command and go to your CO (commanding officer) with your problem. During your participation in the recruitment program, your CoC will be the members of the Drill Unit. Start by asking a Drill Corporal as they should be able to resolve 90% of the questions/issues that may arise. If a Drill Corporal is not around, ask another member of the Drill Unit. They are here to help you make it through the Recruit Program.

Respect Drill Unit Decisions: This is a no brainer. If you fail a boot camp or are given a duty, say "Roger that D.I.!" and try another time. People who respond "Oh what the hell, screw you guys. I hate this. This is stupid!" will not be tolerated. Ask yourself, "Do I really want to be in this clan?" If the answer is yes, then your time as a recruit should not be tough.

Know and Follow the Chain of Command (CoC): You are required to know who your CO (Commanding Officer) is. If you don't know who it is, another recruit will be more than happy to identify that individual. Should you have a problem, whether it be a discrepancy on the website, the forums, or even if you have an issue with a fellow member, talk to your CO first! Make sure that you Xfire/Steam message, PM (Forum messaging service), and/or e-mail him. If he does not comply within 3 - 5 days, go to the next in command. e.g. Your Drill Corporal is not available, you go to another one of the Drill Corporals first and then to the Senior Drill Sergeant. You will be required to know the ranking system so learn it.

Once in the Battalions, you will have to follow and understand the military rank structure of the clan. Learn your role, know your NCOs and Officers, and understand what your place in the clan is. "I don't understand the Chain of Command" is not an excuse.

The Chain of Command is in place for a reason: It delegates responsibility so a General does not have to deal with the problems of every Private. It is a Sergeant's responsibility to deal with the issues of his Privates, Specialists and Corporals just as it is a Lieutenant's duty to deal with the issues of his Sergeants. It's a pyramid structure, so be sure to start at the bottom. Chain of Command is covered in more detail here.

Recruit Weapons/Weapons Duties: As a Recruit, you will in all likelihood be required to equip yourself with a preset load out determined by the Drill Unit. It is not to piss anyone off, or hinder Recruits from being the best player on the team. Rather, we put limitations on the load out to improve individual skill and combat awareness. Not being able to utilize equipment that gives you a greater advantage over the enemy encourages players to improvise and adapt to variable situations in combat. The Drill Unit reserves the right to issue weapons duties at any time. A duty is a weapons assignment that a Recruit must follow or suffer punishment. A duty can be issued either to encourage a Recruit to improve with a certain weapon or as punishment for the actions of a Recruit. For example pistol only duty is assigned to Recruits who mouth off, act immaturely, disrespect members, or other bad behavior. Weapons duties are posted after boot camps or assigned randomly. You must follow the weapon duty and fulfill the time assigned to the duty, otherwise your duty may intensify and be prolonged.

Section Three: Boot Camps

Boot camps are the primary source of training in which the Drill Unit will take "raw" or "seasoned" public players and turn them into total team players that are capable of fighting as a part of a larger force.�� BHC prides itself on large-scale battles (15v15 and more) and success in these come only with excellent teamwork, communication, and commitment to the team!�� Boot camps are the place to start.

"Boot Camps" are BHC's form of trying out for the clan. Boot Camps are conducted in a fun way, but are also done for a reason. This is the Drill Unit's chance to observe Recruits under stress and see how they react. If a Recruit can't take a little "virtual hazing", then that Recruit does not belong in BHC. This is where the bad eggs are weeded out of the group and only the ones who truly want membership in BHC will succeed. It's really not that hard, just keep your mouth shut and follow orders. Officially, Recruits are required to pass a minimum of three (3) Boot Camps before they can graduate, but the Drill Unit reserves the right to graduate people early or keep a Recruit in the program as long as it takes to shape them up into something usable in the field.

Basic Rifle Training (BRT): The BRT is a portion of the recruitment program. In Boot Camps, we will conduct several different types of in game trainings, skirmishes and drills. All recruits will complete the fundamentals of the BRT. The BRT contents are as follows: Shooting Techniques; Grenade Training; CQC/Bash Training; Fire Team Bounding; House Clearing; and Target Identification. Evaluation of your performance will be made by the Drill Unit. If felt that the recruit is ready, the Drill Unit will approve that the recruit has met our requirements, and will earn the recruit the Basic Rifleman Training Badge upon graduation as a Private.�� These sections of the BRT will be taught and conducted in Boot Camps by the Drill Unit.

Attendance: Recruits are expected to attend Boot Camps when they are conducted. An official Boot Camp will be posted on the RCT forums and all Recruits are to post whether they can attend or not. We also will run impromptu Boot Camps if we have enough recruits on. Be prepared for a Boot Camp at any given time in BHC.

Normal Boot Camp Procedure:

  1. Be on TeamSpeak 15 minutes before the Boot Camp. Instruction for the Boot Camp will be given. The password to the server will be issued to all the recruits. Do not forget the password. If you lose the password, ask another Recruit because the Drill Sergeant/Instructors will not help you out.
  2. When you are told by an Instructor to join the server, you may join the server and stay in spectator mode until told otherwise.�� The first time you join the server as ordered, you are to salute the members of the Drill Unit that are present.
  3. Follow the Instruction of the Drill Sergeants/Instructors. This is the part where the Drill Unit throws around terms like "maggot", "scumbag", "idiot", etc etc. This is done to weed out the hotheads and make sure every Recruit really wants to be in the clan. It's all in love, really.
  4. A certain amount of time will be saved for the Question and Answering (Q&A) part of the Boot Camp. This session is an opportunity for the Drill Unit to see how much you know about BHC, and understand how it works. We cannot express how important this section of the Boot Camp is. If you really want to be in BHC, this is where you need to show it.
  5. The next main session which will be a part of every Boot Camp is the BRT/scrim portion.�� The Drill Unit staff on hand and conducting the Boot Camp will determine what form this will take.�� It may be Recruits vs. DU; Recruits and DU vs. BHC members; Recruits & DU vs. the entire server; etc.�� The type will be determined and instructions given at the time of the scrim.
  6. When the Instructors inform the Recruits that the Boot Camp is over, Recruits will line up where they are told to do so and wait for dismissal. When an Instructor calls a Recruit's name, that Recruit will salute the Drill Unit and BHC personnel in the camp, then immediately disconnect from the server.
  7. Results (Pass/Fail) and Weapons Duties will be posted in the RCT forum after the Drill Unit has a debriefing to discuss the Boot Camp. Recruits are expected to have checked the Results and understand their duties as assigned for the next few days after a Boot Camp. "I didn't check the forum" is not a valid excuse for not completing a duty as assigned. Do not contact the Instructors about Boot Camp results. They will be posted on the forums.

Section Four: Crime & Punishment

Sometimes Recruits do stupid things, get out of hand, or simply cause havoc. The Drill Unit reserves the right to issue any punishment it sees fit at any time for any action. By giving a Recruit a punishment, the Drill Unit thinks that that particular Recruit has the potential to change for the better. If it did not think that that Recruit had the potential to change, the Drill Unit would simply remove that particular Recruit from the program altogether. Remember maggots, it's for your own good.

All of these punishments can be made more severe by the Drill Unit and all have the potential to come with a very long lecture from General Carbine. However, if you read this manual, show respect and act maturely, you should be fine.

Section Five: Graduation & Membership

Once a Recruit shows sufficient ability to hold true to the values and ideals of BHC, then the honor of the rank of Private is bestowed upon them by the Drill Unit. Normally a Recruit will have passed at least three Boot Camps and have proven that they are worthy of holding the title of Private. Graduations are usually on Sundays and afterward the new Privates are given accesses to the "Members Only" restricted areas in the BHC forums. On occasion, the Recruit graduating with "top honors" in their class is issued the DaSloth Award upon graduation. Only the best Recruits are given this medal upon graduation and only a maximum of one will be given per graduating class.

Once a Recruit is made a Private, the Sergeant Major or First Sergeant of the Battalion will assign them to a platoon and squad. Once in a squad, a Private must report to his or her squad leader (normally a Sergeant) and be prepared for active duty training. Remember everything that the Drill Unit has taught you, as we expect even more of our members. As a Private and Member of BHC, they are now eligible to play in Official BHC Campaigns, squad scrimmages, inter-clan match play and participate in the military structure of the clan. Congratulations!

Final Note to Recruits: Remember, every member of BHC has gone through what you are about to embark on. It isn't that hard, in fact it is actually very fun. Remember that we are playing a game and that everything the Drill Unit does is done in order to make sure you are someone who wants to have fun and play in the style we do. Stay cool, have fun, and enjoy the ride.

Section Six: Glossary of Terms

Boot Camp
Chain of Command - the command structure that is based on the military ranks of the clan.
Close Quarters Combat
Rate of Fire
Line of Sight
Drill Instructor; Officers of the Drill Unit are to be addressed as this.
Drill Sergeant; NCOs of the Drill Unit are to be addressed as this.
Drill Corporal; Corporals of the Drill Unit are to be addressed as this.
Drill Unit
Also known as the Division of Training and Recruitment. Also referred to as the DU and members are sometimes called "Drillies" by members. Basically the Drill Unit is the small unit of Instructors and Recruiters for BHC.
The ranks of Private (Pvt.) to Specialist (Spc.).
Non-Commissioned Officer; the ranks of Corporal (Cpl.) to Command Sergeant Major (CSM.)
Password (Some people ask...)
Recruit; also the tag that is worn by Recruits in all servers while in the Recruit program.
A term of endearment for a recruit.
A term of endearment for a tryout.
Slime ball, Dirtbag, Twinkle toes
A term of endearment for a recruit or tryout.