BHC utilizes a rank structure that is a hybrid of WWII and modern US military ranks.  We employ the ranks of Private through Specialist as standard enlisted ranks.  NCOs are senior enlisted members that hold command positions on the squad level and up.  Technicians are senior enlisted members that specialize in a particular weapon class, assignment, or vehicle but do not hold command of a unit.  Technicians can be part of a squad or be utilized within a Command Post.  They may also lead training or certifications in their area of expertise.  Officers head or assist in Command Posts.

Chain of Command

The Chain of Command relates directly to the rank structure of the clan. The Chain of Command is how you go about voicing your concerns, resolving issues, asking questions, etc. Members expected to know your place in the Chain of Command. NCOs and Officers are responsible for the "voices" of those they are in charge of (their subordinates) and are expected to keep the Officers above them informed. As a Recruit, you will be at the bottom of the Recruit CoC. As a Private, you will be at the bottom of the Battalion CoC. In either case, you are expected to speak to the person directly above you before going to the next. Do not skip people over! For instance, make sure you try to talk to your Squad Leader before going to your Platoon Sergeant, etc. Members are expect to know and use the Battalion CoC and Recruits are expected to know the Battalion CoC in order to graduate.

Once in the Battalions, members are expect to follow the chain of command in this order:
Squad members --> Fire Team Leader --> Squad XO --> Squad Leader --> Platoon Sergeant --> Platoon Leader --> Company XO --> Company CO --> Officers in ascending rank --> Battalion XO --> Battalion CO --> General Chiefs of Staffs

Battalion Structure

The clan is organized on a Battalion Structure. The Generals in the Chiefs of Staff head the clan and are considered "Division HQ".  They are assisted by a Command Sergeant Major. Each Battalion is led by Colonel, Lt. Col or Major who is assisted by a Sergeant Major and answers directly to the Chiefs of Staff. Each Company within the Battalion is led by a Captain or 1st Lieutenant and assisted by a First Sergeant.  Each Platoon within the Company is led by a 1st Lieutenant or a 2nd Lieutenant and assisted by a Sergeant First Class or Master Sergeant. Each Squad within the Platoon is led by a Staff Sergeant or Sergeant and assisted by a Corporal. Most members within the clan are in the squads and are the responsibility of the Squad leader.

Ranks: Recruits and Tryouts

Tryout (Tryout) - Tryout grade for 16 & 17 year olds. Has no rights or privileges.
Recruit (Rec.) - Trial member of the clan. Has no rights or privileges.

Ranks: Enlisted

Private (Pvt.) -  First rank and position in the clan. At this rank you are now a member.

Private Second Class (Pv2.) - Merit rank given to the best Privates.

Private First Class (Pfc.) - Merit rank given to the best Pv2's.

Specialist (Spc.) - Merit rank given to the best Privates. Sometimes serve as Fire Team leaders, so this may be considered a command position. At this rank, you may lead men into combat under the instruction of your Squad Leader and you may take on responsibilities delegated to you by your Squad Leader.  A minimum of one advanced weapon certification is a prerequisite to attaining the rank of Specialist.

Ranks: Technicians

"Combat Specialists"

Technician 5th Grade (T/5.) - This is the first Technician rank of the clan. To receive this rank, a specialization must be decided upon and finalized. Technicians can be medics, vehicle specialists, weapons experts, or radio operators. This rank functions within a squad and is subordinate to NCOs unless designated by the Squad Leader as a 2nd in command. Soldiers in this position will be called on to complete specific and detailed tasks within a battle, above and beyond that expected of an enlisted trooper. Occasionally this rank may be utilized as a fire team leader specializing in a specific task. A T/5 can be expected to train soldiers and teach certifications in their field under the direct supervision of the training staff.

Technician 4th Grade (T/4.) - The same technician functions apply to the Tech 4 as the Tech 5. However, at this rank it is expected that a T/4 be able to lead a small team in order to accomplish a specific task (3-man MG crew, medical detachment, AT S&D, etc). This rank is senior to all enlisted ranks and the T/5. Sometimes this rank will be designated as 2nd in Command of a squad by a squad leader, but under normal circumstances will be subordinate to Corporals. These experts will hold certifications to certify soldiers in the weapon or task of their specialization. A T/4 can be expected to train soldiers and teach certifications in their field with minimal supervision of the training staff.

Technician 3rd Grade (T/3.) - Merit rank for the most effective Tech 4's. In addition, Tech 3's will serve as technical experts who hold training in a specific field for members of their platoon/company. These experts will hold certifications to certify soldiers in the weapon or task of their specialization. Tech 3's will function within squads under a squad leader or at Platoon/Company CP. A T/3 can be expected to train soldiers and teach certifications in their field with almost no supervision of the training staff.

Technical Sergeant (TSg.) - Technical Sergeants will head small specialized units within a Company/Battalion. For example, a TSg. could be in charge of the medical detachment for an entire battalion and therefore supervise the activities all medics. Alternatively, Technical Sergeants could serve as Company or Battalion adjutant in charge of training a specific field or in charge of communication (Signal).

Ranks: Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO)

"Combat Command"

Corporal (Cpl.) - This is the first official command rank in the clan. Corporals are expected to uphold all the ideals of the clan and are required to pass a "Corporal Test" even to be considered for the rank. At this rank one normally serves as Squad XO (Executive Officer, aka 2nd in Command), but may also serve as a Fire Team Leader or even Squad Leader temporarily in the absence of a Sergeant.

Sergeant (Sgt.) - Most Sergeants will be Squad Leaders. Sergeants/Squad Leaders are some of the most important people in the clan and only the best and most accountable Enlisted soldiers will become Sergeants. Sergeants keep their subordinates active, run practices, use tactics with their squads and follow the orders of their Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Leader. When in a combat situation, a Sergeant is responsible for the actions of their subordinate squad members. Squads are the basic tactical unit in the clan and a Squad Leader is responsible for making their squad a tactical advantage in combat. Some Sergeants may serve as administrative staff for Officers, but most are squad leaders.

Staff Sergeant (Ssg.) -  Merit rank for Sergeants. The most experienced and veteran Sergeants will be Staff Sergeants.

Sergeant First Class (Sfc.) - This is the Platoon Sergeant rank. Platoon Sergeants serve as the right hand man to the Platoon Leader (normally a Lt.) and are responsible for organizing the squad leaders under their command. This rank is sometimes given as a merit rank for squad leaders that retain their squad leader position.

Master Sergeant (Msg.) - In BHC, this rank is sometimes given as a merit rank for squad leaders or platoon sergeants retain their position. 

First Sergeant (1Sg.) - Company First Sergeant serves as the NCO assistant to the Company XO and CO. It is an administrative position and only one person per Company can hold this rank.

Sergeant Major (Sgm.) - Soldiers at this rank serve on Battalion staff as the NCO assistant to the Battalion XO and CO. The main duty of the Sergeant Major is to assign newly graduated Privates to squads.

Command Sergeant Major (Csm.) - This is the highest rank attainable for an NCO. In the event of multiple Battalions/Divisions, the Command Sergeant Major assigns newly graduated Privates to a particular Battalion/Division and then the Sergeant Major of that particular Battalion/Division assigns the Privates to squads. The Command Sergeant Major is the enlisted assistant and advisor to the Chiefs of Staff.

Ranks: Officers

Officer Cadet (Cdt.) - "Recruit" rank for potential Officers. In order to make sure the Officers of the clan are dedicated and accountable, potential Officers must complete OCS (Officers Candidate School) and prove that they are the right person for the job. Members at this rank are to be treated as an Officer and normally hold all the rights of an Officer, but do it on a trial basis pending the completion of their OCS.

2nd Lieutenant (2Lt.) - First Officer rank. Normally serve as Platoon leaders.

1st Lieutenant (1Lt.) - Merit rank given to the best 2Lts. Normally serve as Platoon leaders or Company XO's.

Captain (Cpt.) - Normally serve as Company Commanders.

Major (Maj.) - In BHC, Majors normally serve as Battalion Staff or Battalion XO's.

Lieutenant Colonel (LtC.) - Normally serve as Battalion XOs or Battalion CO's.

Colonel (Col.) - Merit rank for the best Lieutenant Colonels. Normally serve as Battalion CO's.

Brigadier General (*Gen.) - First General rank. Generally a member of the Chiefs of Staff.

Major General (**Gen.) - Merit rank. Generally a member of the Chiefs of Staff.

Lieutenant General (***Gen.) - Merit rank. Generally a member of the Chiefs of Staff.

General (****Gen.) - Chief of Staff position. The Chiefs of Staff are the top decision makers of the clan and oversee all the large decisions.

General of the Army (*****Gen.) - Top rank in the clan. Currently no one person holds this rank. Rather the responsibilities of this rank are deviated throughout the Chiefs of Staff.