BHC Rules & Requirements

General Rules for Membership

  1. Have fun. That is why we shelled out money for this game and why we all joined a clan. If at any time this clan does not fulfill this requirement, then don't play. We want a lot of members, but we don't want you if you are not having fun with the game. It is ok to step away for a while and take some time in Reserves. No one will hassle you if you want to quit. We all grow tired sometimes of the same thing, but we're always coming up with new ideas and events for the clan to continue to have fun. If our style and structure is not fun to you, BHC is not the clan for you.
  2. Don't ruin the fun of others. This goes hand in hand with Rule #1. If you are not having fun with the game, then don't ruin it for others. This includes things like team killing, being rude, or not complying with server rules or combat orders from superior officers, refusing to update your name or change your weapon. You are reading this page to not only outline the clan and its rules, but to understand what is expected. If you really don't agree with a rule, then think carefully before joining the clan. We expect you to have read this before applying for membership, so make sure you understand what what is expected of you.
  3. Respect the chain of command. BHC is set up as a military unit and you will have a rank. Each rank carries with it privileges and responsibilities, including following the orders of your superior officers. This goes for meetings, combat situations and events. Outside of events and meetings, we are friends, but we still expect you to comply with what is asked of you and show the proper respect to all members. Inside the game and in meetings, however, respect the commands of your commanding officers.
  4. Obey the rules of other servers. If you go on to another, non BHC server, you are expected to honor their rules without question. If the server says no snipers, then put your sniper rifle away. No automatic weapons? Don't use one. If they want fair teams, make sure you don't unbalance them. If they want unfair teams, same goes. Also, when you join another server, be polite and introduce yourself, and make sure you are aware of the server rules AND make sure you are not interrupting something. We certainly know how annoying it is when non BHC members join our server and spoil our fun playing time and force us to boot them from the server. Make sure you are not doing the same. If you are asked to leave, then leave.
  5. Be polite. This means no flaming of strangers, no flaming or trolling in forums, no team killing, and other 'rude' behavior. If someone offends you, it is ok to POLITELY defend yourself, but if it gets too hot, leave. Report the offender's name to your CO and we will take it from there. How we act to others in the community reflects on the entire group. Anyone that deters the growth of our clan, or acts contradictory to our virtues may have their membership rights withdrawn. We all joke around with each other. As a mature group, we don't mind limited amounts of cussing and poking fun at ourselves as friends, but be wary when you do it to a stranger. Make sure it is taken in the correct way, and if it isn't, apologize!
  6. Clan Membership. We ask that if you join this clan, that you do not join another clan in this game or any other game that we may be involved in. Most other clans have this provision, so this should not be an issue. If you want to join another clan, then let your CO know. This is not a prison; you are free to leave if you wish. Just tell us. If you are caught as a member of another clan, your membership rights will be revoked immediately and you could be banned from our servers. Joining another clan while being apart of ours is considered a slap in the face to us and will not be taken lightly. If you want to leave, just ask your CO for an honorable discharge.
  7. No Cheating. Cheating will not be tolerated. This means no unsanctioned mods, no cheat codes, nothing that gives you an unfair advantage. If you cheat, it reflects upon our entire clan and BHC does not associate with cheaters. In addition, cheating is lame. If you need some sort advantage to feel better about yourself, we don't want you. Finally, we're not focused on people who can get the most kills but members who can work well as a team and within our structure. Unfortunately, no cheat program can make you a better team player. Bottom line: cheaters will be removed from BHC and banned from all BHC servers immediately.
  8. Forums. There will be no toleration for public disrespect of anyone on our forums. If you want to express your feelings about someone, or something, and you feel that your point just can't be made without throwing f-bombs around, then send your CO an email, chat with them on aim, or any other 1 on 1 PRIVATE method of communication. If you feel you can handle an argument on your own in a mature manner that represents us well, contact the person you have a problem with individually. But our forums will not decay into a school yard shouting match.
These are our basic code of conduct. Adhere to them. Breaking these rules, may result in your membership rights being revoked. The following rules will govern specific areas, such as recruitment, team playing, and chain of command.

Other Notables


The following will outline what it takes to be a member of Bravery, Honor and Courage. These will outline not only what it takes to be accepted, but also to maintain your membership.
  1. Honor. Our members must at all times fight with dignity, bravery, courage and honor. This is self explanatory. We expect you to behave in a mature and respectful way at all time. This includes not being rude, belligerent, arrogant, or making excuses when you get killed or lose. It is perfectly fine to joke around with people, as long as you are not offending anyone. See Rule #2 and #5 listed above.
  2. Practice. We expect our members to put in at least 2 hours a week of practice. This is mostly an honor system, but some squad leaders will check up on you to see if you are doing this. Things come up in real life and it is okay to take time off. However, get some ONLINE game time in when you can, even if you have to go to another server. See Rule #4 if you do this.
  3. Communicate. We use several tools for communication, all of them are free. It is expected that you obtain and/or register for all of them. These include X-Fire, an email address (since you are online, this should not be a problem), Teamspeak (voice communicator), and our forums. More and more, Teamspeak is becoming our main line of communication. It is imperative that you download Teamspeak for free here and purchase a headset (99.9% of soundcards support this and the headset runs from $7 to $30 American). We use it for in-game communication, meetings and just-for-fun chatting.
  4. Identification. To identify ourselves we will place a 'squad tag' in front of our name. This will be uniform for all active members. Certain units will have particular color designations. Consult your superior officer to make sure you are using the correct tag. Also, you will place your rank in front of your name to identify your position in the clan (i.e. 1st Platoon - Pvt.Smith & 2nd Platoon - Pvt.Smith). Lastly, your platoon will have a designated color for your game tag. We expect you to be wearing your clan tag at all times. If you decide you don't want to wear your clan tag, then we will consider you outside of our organization and remove you from the roster.
  5. Duties. You will in all likelihood be assigned a specific duty in regards to your squad. This may be something like scout, sniper, heavy weapons specialist, and so forth. This will be done to ensure that your squad performs in the most efficient way possible. Bear in mind that we will try to accommodate players the best that we can and we want you to use the weapon you feel most comfortable with. However during battle, victory is what we are seeking and will ask all soldiers to do what is best for the squad. This will also make sure we don't have a 10 men squad of nothing but MG men or snipers. Let your CO know what position you want, we will try to accommodate you.
  6. Meetings. We will try to have 'official' meetings as often as possible. The time will announced to all who need to attend on the forums prior to the meeting. However, this does not preclude other command structures from having their own. During these meetings we will pass on any pertinent info, and make any needed squad decisions that are pending. Your attendance is mandatory at many BHC functions that we announce for you to attend. If you simply cannot attend the specified date, inform your CO and you will be considered excused. We will often times have in-game "inspections" and "maneuvers" that the members will get into formal formations and awards/promotions will be announced to the clan as a whole.
  7. Files. There are many maps, some mods, and communication programs we expect you to download. You should have these prepared when you are a Recruit and Drill Unit personnel can help you with this. Make sure you check our website, forums, and/or attend meetings to get this information.
  8. Wars/Ladders/Tournaments. We expect that most of our members will want to 'have the back' of other fellow members. Leagues and ladders are for fun and anyone who wants to play in them can play. As for clan wars and specific clan events, we expect you to be there if you are available at the time. Many events only work if a lot of members are present and we expect you to want to be at these events if you are apart of the clan. Some events that you do not attend and are unexcused for may result in a duty or punishment.
  9. Money and Dues. These are NOT requirements of BHC, and you will never be told that you must pay anything to keep membership of this squad. However, the Chiefs of Staff take care of the finances and they are responsible for all 'donations' made toward the benefit of the clan. These include things such as paying for a dedicated server, outside functions, website hosting and other similar things. Donations are appreciated, but NOT required. Donations, or lack of, will not be held against you when considering you for promotion. We do however have a lot of game and communication servers and a website that needs to be paid for, so if you want to see the clan continue on, we highly encourage members to donate what they can to the clan.