Name: PaNiK
  Rank: General
  Position: Reserves
  Game Name: {BHC}****Gen,PaNiK(R)
  Enlisted: 01/20/2002
  X-Fire: bhcpanik
Immediate Superior



Soldiers Medal(?)

ETO Campaign Ribbon (4/12/2007)

Teamwork Medal (?)

BHC Honored Elite Award (?)

R. Lee Ermey Award (?)

Army Commendation Award (?)

Veterans' Award (?)

Medal of Leadership (?)

7 Year Service Medal (01/20/2009)

New Years Campaign (01/02/2006)

ETO Campaign Ribbon (4/12/2007)
General   Reserves 04/27/2009
Colonel   Chief of Staff  
Lieutenant Colonel   Head of Drill Unit  
Captain   Drill Instructor  
1st Lieutenant   Squad Leader  
2nd Lieutenant   Active Duty 01/20/2002
Staff Sergeant      
Sergeant 01/23/2002    
Private 01/20/2002    
  MoW Invasion HQ
New Years Campaign CoS HQ

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